• I want to lose it

    I want to lose it

    (even jesus could do it)

  • Lockdown #4

    Lockdown #4

    L’ibisco predilige le temperature tropicali ma può tollerare i climi rigidi, i lockdown, e le lamentele inutili delle zone temperate (ITA/ENG)

  • Da qualche tempo lavoro al museo

    Da qualche tempo lavoro al museo

    Un fumetto retrò sui posti affollati, quando ancora si poteva affollarli. (ITA/ENG)

  • Curiosity


    or how I spend all my time

  • Proporzioni


    1/24 è maggiore di 1/54 (ITA/ENG)

  • Your street

    Your street

    doesn’t exist

  • Samba Trap

    Samba Trap

    You are thinking of me the same old way – and maybe it’s for the best.

  • Weeds


    Concerning a priest, a church and the hair on my legs.



    The story of a cat and his nine lives. Inspired by my neighbours & Yasuaki Shimiz’s album “Kakashi” (1982), in this order.

  • Some thoughts on nuclear threats

    Some thoughts on nuclear threats

    Or how I learnt to start worrying about the bomb

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